Dear Members

A big thank you to all who turned out to shovel and wheel away gravel this morning. A lovely sunny day made the task not too arduous, and we shifted several tons in my estimation. Good to see young and slightly older Members working up an appetite for the free bacon butties on offer from the galley.

The Solution

There were two young girls there who took a handle each of their barrow and made light work of it. A few of us stretched muscles that had relaxed a bit recently and Nigel Howe insisted he shovel a few loads to shape up for his gym sessions later in the week.

Rather than throw the gravel back into the river whence it came, we are utilising it for bedding in the supports under the new storage containers. So the gravel is now in a large pile close to that site.

The forecast for next week’s Steamer event looks fair so we are hoping for a great day. I hope you all enjoy it either on the water or ashore.

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