Are you looking for crew for your boat or for opportunities to crew on a boat? If so, click "Read More" to find out how to use the "Crew Finder" page on the SYC web site.

To use "Crew Finder" you must be logged on to the SYC web site.

If you are logged on, you should see a "Crew Finder" entry in the "Quick Links" section at the top right of the home page. If you scroll down the home page a little, there is also a Crew Finder "widget" on the right hand side of the page.

This shows the next few upcoming sailing events at SYC and a summary of whether there are currently any crews available or crews wanted

If you click on the Crew Finder link (or any ticks in the widget), you'll get to the Crew Finder summary page.


You can see all upcoming sailing events and who is advertising that they are available to crew and who is advertising that they need crew.

To advertise that you are looking for crewing opportunities, click on the "I'm available to crew" button for the sailing event that you are interested in.


Enter as much detail as you like about what you are looking for and your experience - anything that will help someone looking for crew to know whether you are likely to be a good match for what they are looking for. Entering a telephone number is optional as contact via email is always supported.

If you want to advertise for crew (as opposed to being available to crew), the process is exactly the same.

To see more details about an existing crewing request (or request for crew), just click on an existing entry and full details will be shown


You can also send an email direct to the person who created the entry - just fill in what you want to say and click the "Send Email" button.

Any questions or comments, drop me an email.

Logon Info

If you are an SYC member we strongly recommend that you log on (or create an account to logon) as there is lots of functionality on this web site that is only available to logged on SYC members. If you are on a private computer, clicking Remember Me is also highly recommended.