Easily forgotten as you hoist the main for a jaunt to the Exmouth beach café or an afternoon's downriver spinnaker practice with your crew - but did you sign out on the Day Sailing log?

The log is located above the seat in the Committee Room porch just to the left of the Boat Shed, and the Club would like to remind all members going out for a leisure sail to sign out on departure and back in on return. The majority of leisure sailors do observe this formality, but if it slips your mind occasionally, or seems an irritating extra, may we ask you to add it now to your launching countdown? It's in your own interest to remember, in two ways.

Firstly safety - if you should experience a major mishap, the details in the sailing log will give a person discovering your empty launching trolley at dusk some chance of providing useful information to the emergency services. Please in all cases sign in on your return to say you are safely back.

Secondly, at a time when pressure on space in the dinghy park is growing, the log provides evidence that you are using your boat sufficiently often to justify the allocation of a berth. The Club may ask for unused boats to be removed to free up space.

Please also sign the log when Free Sailing, as evidence of boat usage and as a double-check afterwards that everyone is either off the water or sailing on without cover. For Dinghy Cruises you should sign the log, and you must also record boat details on a record sheet which the safety crews will carry with them.

None of this applies for racing, however, as the computer sign-in process replaces the paper log. Race Manager records your boat usage and also ensures that all competitors are accounted for.

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