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Where to get gelcoat

9 months 5 days ago #1 by James Penn
Where to get gelcoat was created by James Penn
I need to get some clear gelcoat to make repairs to my daggerboard, any recommendations on where I can buy some in/around Exeter?

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9 months 3 days ago #2 by Mark Elkington
Replied by Mark Elkington on topic Where to get gelcoat
Dove Meadows in Newton Abbot has it - I live close by and could pick it up.

If it is just a small repair I have a can - and you are welcome to use it (I also have white, black and navy blue pigments). I could bring it down the club on Saturday.

You should be aware that clear gelcoat has a pinky tint - it is really meant to be used with pigment. If you want a high gloss really transparent repair then polyester resign might be better.

Also it is "unwaxed" so you need to cover the repair to get it to set.


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8 months 3 weeks ago #3 by James Penn
Replied by James Penn on topic Where to get gelcoat
Thanks for your reply Mark. I was advised by RS to use clear gelcoat with white pigment on the bottom of the board, and without pigment to replace a small section of the black carbon trailing edge, where I suppose the slight pink tinge isn't obvious.

I was in Cornwall all of last week, so picked up some white gelcoat repair in the chandlery in Penryn whilst I was there. I'll give it a go with the gelcoat repair and will see how that holds, if not I may well take you up on your kind offer of a bit from your tin!

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