Sun March 3rd.

2.30 lots of help needed to rig  and check all the club boats!!

Also if your boat hasn't been out during the winter, use the opportunity to rig it and get it checked.


First day of juniors Friday 29th March  6pm  Dry session, meet in the club house. (not the 5th April as in the club diary)

Please bring any second hand sailing clothes which you have grown out of!


Please contact Ayeshia (using the contact form) with details of any events / activities to be posted on the noticeboard.

Sunday and Wednesday junior starts

An appeal to all juniors!  Now you can sail, make the most of it over the summer, and join in with new improved junior racing on a Sunday and Wednesday.  It’s a great opportunity to practise making your boat go where you want it to.  It doesn’t have to be stressful, but it does mean you can carry on sailing once or twice a week.

The junior start will be 3 mins after the main fleets have started, over a separate short course close to the shore.

No chips, but there is usually plenty of cake.

3rd March  Race Training

Rigged and ready for 2.30 Same format as last time, with a beginner group for anyone who can vaguely sail in a triangle


A few dates for 2019

1st March - Deadline for renewals! There is a waiting list for new children, and places for returning juniors will only be held until 1st March.  You don’t need an application form - it’s all online like last year.

29th March - Briefing, boat check, perhaps an inspirational talk?  





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