Upcoming Social Events at SYC


  Date   Event
  2 November 2019
at 19:00
 SYC Clubhouse Laying-Up Supper


Its that time of the year again. SYC fitting out supper is open to all members. This year she theme is :

A Night Out at The Opera

Come and enjoy an elegant night out with amazing food and brilliant company. Dress to impress ...or not !

 Tickets and menu choices (see below) via: https://webcollect.org.uk/starcrossyc/category/social-1

** If paying by bank transfer could you please set up a new transfer with the identifier "supper"
rather than your unique Webcollect  number.
This enables the Treasurer to separate subscriptions from social events **

Ticket sales closed 7.00pm Wednesday 30th October







  1. Kathrine Jenkins  Canape’s gydag eog wedi’I fygu gyda hufen sur a phupur wedi’I rostio a chaws mozzarella babi 


     ( Canape’s with Smoked Salmon with Sour Cream and roasted peppers with baby mozzarella cheese)


Main Course    (served with  Potatoes and Seasonal Greens)


  1. Montserrat Caballé Canard à la orange Avec Dauphinoise Pommes de terra Et Légumes des saison

                 (Duck in Orange Sauce) 


  1. Luciano Pavarotti Lombatta di maiale E la mela Cotto nel sidro Con Dolphin Wah patate E Verdure stagionali

                   (Pork Loin and Apple Cooked in Cider)


  1. José Carreras Espinacas y Queso Feta con pastel de masa filo, con las patatas Wah delfin y verduras de temporada

                (Spinach and feta cheese with filo pastry pie)




  1. Dame Nellie Melba Pavlova
  2. Gelato Con Fruita (Italian Style Ice Cream from local Creamery)



  1. Café El’-Italiano  
  2. Dame Kirri Tea