Bar duty guidance notes

The Bar is there to provide a service to members during club sailing times and to sell tickets for forthcoming Club Social Events. Your role is to provide that service, clean up after and keep proper account of any monies taken.  The vast majority of members enjoy their stint in the Bar and the service provided is an important part of the club atmosphere. Normally it only lasts a few hours and profits go into club funds and helps keep the overall cost of membership down to reasonable levels so we hope all members will do their bit.

Failure to turn up and do your duty is letting the whole club down, and so if you cannot do your duty on the set day, it is your responsibility to contact another member on the rota list and swap with them. Please let the Rear Commodore - Vyv Game - know (see the contacts page for contact details) if you have arranged a swap.  Being prepared to perform a club duty at least twice a year is a condition of membership and the Club Committees will do their best to ensure all duties are evenly spread around members. However if you feel you are being asked to do more than may be reasonably expected, please do contact the Rear Commodore and he will try to explain the reasons for the scheduling or amend the rota schedule accordingly.

Club members, for the most part, are very appreciative of the service provided by those doing the Bar but should anyone feel they are not accorded the necessary respect, they should identify the member in question and contact the Rear Commodore who will look into it.


There is a £75 float for the bar and this should ideally comprise a lot of change and just a few £10 / £5 notes. Please note that it is a condition of our insurance that the till is left empty and open when the club is closed.

Cashing Up And the "Bar Ledger"

At the end of your duty, the takings should be totalled up and the amount taken, less the £75 float is entered in the Bar Ledger next to the till, along with your name and the date.  Please ensure that any totals for ticket / merchandise sales are also noted in the Bar Ledger. The cash should then be put in a small money bag with the amount and date written on the outside and given to the club official doing lock up. A list of those on lock up should be on the main club notice board, but if you can’t find out who it is, ask any club official.

Important: Even if you are unlucky enough to do a bar duty where there are no sales, please record your takings (£0.00 in this case) in the Bar Ledger.

Children and access to the bar

Please note that for licensing reasons, no children under the age of 18 may be served with alcohol. Only persons doing the bar rota or club officers may go behind the bar. Members are not allowed to help themselves.


Most drinks are in bottles or are dispensed from pre-measured optics. Lemonade is kept in large bottles and served as required.  Large bottles of wine are served in 125ml glasses which are marked with a line to show fill level. Be aware that the larger bulbous glasses are 175 ml so only fill these 2/3 full or use a 125ml glass as a measure.


All the drinks have a unique key on the till.  Pressing the chosen item shows the price – press the "Void" button if you don’t want to sell that item.    
When selling a number of drinks, press the key for first one, followed by "Sub Total", then press the key for the second followed by the "Sub Total" and so on. This will keep a running total, then at the end press "Cash" to show the amount owing and open the drawer of the till. If you need to open the drawer without making a sale, for example if changing money, then press "No Sale"

Washing up and Dishwasher

Glasses should be collected up and put in the dishwasher and washed during and at the end of each duty.  This needs to be switched on approx 20mins before it is needed and instructions for use are on the wall and in the Galley.  After use the dishwasher must be switched off, the plug removed from the bottom and left empty of water.

Social Event or Boat Hire Monies

Any money taken for social events or boat hire should be noted on a piece of paper and put together with the money in a separate bag with the amount written on the outside and this should also be given to the club official doing lock up.

Helping with the galley / in the race box

On some days, the bar can be very quiet. In such an event, please do offer to help out with the galley perhaps by handling the money or other "front of house" activities. Maybe the Officer Of The Day could do with some help at busy points in the race – if it's quiet why not pay them a visit in the Race Box and ask? Conversely, be aware that the galley instructions also recommend asking you for help if they are busy and the bar is quiet.

Licensing hours

The club holds what is known as a "Club Premises Certificate" which is different to other types of license in that there is no named licensee. However, the club is still restricted in the hours in which alcohol can be served. These hours are 10:00 to 23:00 on Monday to Saturday and 12:00 to 22:30 on Sunday (with slight changes for Good Friday and Xmas Day). Alcohol must not be sold outside of these times.

Merchandise / Regalia

SYC sells merchandise (regalia) with the SYC logo on it. The bar duty helps with this in two ways

Selling merchandise

A range of mostly non-clothing merchandise is held behind the bar. It is in the A4 sized, blue box file in the bar stock room. The items held in the box file include brooches, yacht burgees (small and large), Xmas cards and ties. Dinghy burgees – both triangular / day sailing and square / racing – are held in a jar on the bar. All these items - together with their prices - can be seen on the display board above the galley hatch.
If you sell these items please

  • Record the sale in the note book in the blue box file
  • Make sure this money is separately detailed in the bar takings handed over to the Club Officer at the end of the duty

A small range of sample clothing merchandise is held in the far corner of the clubhouse (behind the curtains). If a member wants to buy any of the samples, you should take the money for the items and also record it in the above mentioned note book. The prices for the clothing are listed in the catalogue booklet held on the shelf below the samples clothing rail.

Handing over paid for merchandise

Most sales of clothing merchandise will have been made via the club website ( or via posted order forms. Unless the SYC member has specifically asked for their purchase to be posted to them, their completed order will be placed in the bar stock room ready for them to pick it up. The SYC member will be informed that their order is ready for pick up from the SYC bar.
Therefore, there will sometimes be packages of merchandise in the bar stock room ready for pick up by SYC members. These packages will already have been paid for and will be clearly labelled with the SYC member’s name.
When handing over one of these packages to an SYC member who asks for their merchandise order, please ask the SYC member to sign the above mentioned note book to confirm that they have received their merchandise.


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