From time to time the Club sends out bulk e-mailings to members, yet some members don't receive them. How does that happen?

The short answer is that the message has probably been filed away in your spam folder, and you will find it there if you look. That's why we publish website reminders to look in your spam folder for Club e-mails that you may have missed.

The SYC Website Admins do sometimes receive enquiries from members who have not understood this mumbo-jumbo or do not know how to sort the matter out. If you too are puzzled, this web page is for you!

Why do I have a spam folder, and why should my membership renewal reminder be in it?

We are all aware of internet and e-mail scams, yet people still get caught by them. Your spam folder is an attempt by your e-mail provider (usually) to protect you.

Spam is often/usually an e-mail sent out by fraudsters to hoodwink you into clicking on a link which will install malware on your computer. Malware could comprise any number of nasties, including sending your e-mail and bank login usernames and passwords to Eastern European fraudster gangs for publication on the Dark Web (if you are not frightened yet, you ought to be), and very often it harnesses your computer to distribute more spam to your e-mail Contacts. all without your knowledge.

If your e-mail provider did not filter out the spam, you could be deluged with e-mails begging you to send £500 to your friend who has just been robbed in Ukraine, or requests from your bank or (look very closely!) to confirm the PIN which they jolly well ought to know already - you know the general idea - and many of us click before we think. That's why our e-mail providers nanny us, with the best of intentions. Gmail is one of the most aggressive with its filtering, but most providers are more or less proactive.

How does my provider know it's spam?

They don't - they can't read every message - so they use a computer algorithm (series of tests and consequent actions) to get a good idea of what sort of message they are dealing with. Most spam is churned out by computers masquerading under the name of a company or organisation. And guess what? Some algorithms unjustly assume that SYC's e-mail system is a spam factory. Others see no problem. It depends on whom you are signed up with.

Some members will ruefully remember that when they registered with the Club website, their anti-spam routine hived off the e-mail asking them to confirm their e-mail address and wickedly hid it away so that their registration was delayed. But only some. It depends…

What to do if Computer Said No?

Ah… that depends on whom you are signed up with. But alongside your Inbox you may find various other folders with names like 'spam', 'junk' or 'quarantined'. If you are using a corporate e-mail address, your network supervisor may be using a system such as PureMessage which intercepts mail before it reaches your account, and you will probably have to e-mail your friendly network manager to sort it out.

Either way, look there, move items with addresses like "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to your Inbox, and delete the rubbish without opening it.

How do I stop this happening time and time again?

Some providers and network managers allow you to add to a safe senders list. Others (like Gmail last time I looked) claim that their spam filter will learn from your moving messages from spam to Inbox - clearly I was not assertive enough, since it took no notice when I did that.

Sorry, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, but this page should give you some hints to make sure your SYC messages reach you, even if it takes a heads-up on the website Members' Page to alert you that we have sent them!




In this month's Update:

  • Membership Renewals now due
  • Dinghy Berth subscriptions
  • Windsurfers/Sailboards stored at SYC
  • Newport Trophy change of date
  • Dinghy Cruisers' WhatsApp group
  • Junior Training renewals

See below for details.

Membership Renewals are now due
Renewal invitations were sent out by bulk e-mail in late January, and reminders in mid-February. If you did not receive these items, please check your spam folder (what's that?). To renew, you need to log in to WebCollect (the SYC website does not handle membership matters or payments). After 4 March all renewals will be subject to a £30 late payment fee.

Dinghy Berth Fees
If you keep a dinghy at the Club you will need to renew your berth subscription with your membership via WebCollect.

Operational from 14 August 2017

As an additional security measure, the gate to the Club premises will be set to close automatically from 14 August.

If you enter/leave the premises during daylight hours, you will use your key just as before, but the gate will now close automatically behind you after 90 seconds. Members entering during the hours of darkness will need to use a five-digit security code in addition to their key.

There is an information page here for logged-in members, with full details of gate operation and an explanatory video by Bosun Ashore Ian Purvis. The page will be accessible in future from the Info > Info menu, but you must log in to see it.

No website account yet? Members register here.

RS100/200/400 Open Meeting at SYC, Saturday 7th September

The SYC RS100/200/400 open on Saturday, 7th September saw 34 boats competing in a variable NNW breeze throughout the 3 races. Many thanks to everyone involved in running the event which went off perfectly. Results have been posted on the website - click RS open. Photos are here.

Exe Regatta 2019 - results 

Some excellent photograhs taken over the Regatta weekend by Garnett Showell are now up on the Regatta website - click here.  Results for the Regatta races can be found at Results.

SYC at the Salcombe Whitsun open meeting

Three SYC 400’s, (Figgy and Barney in 411, Matt and Trisha in 1159, James and Jonathan in 1287) put in a good representation from the club for the three day event over the May bank holiday. The forecast looked good with that rare combo of Wind and Sun and with 15 boats entered the battle commenced! For a full report by Jonathan Carr read SYC at the Salcombe Whitsun open meeting for more details.

SYC recognises and welcomes members or close family providing memorial seats as a fitting, cherished reminder of members past who enjoyed the club and its facilities, and who contributed to its success.  The club requests the following points are observed and followed;


  • Any close family and/or members proposing to install a memorial bench dedicated to former members should advise one of the four Flag Officers of their intention before purchasing.
  • Details should include seat size, materials, manufacturer and inscription.  This information will be discussed at General Committee for approval.
  • GC recommends seats are;
    • Manufactured from sustainable teak, or Iroko, or seasoned Oak  sourced supply,
    • Of robust construction suitable for a marine environment,
    • Two or three person’s capacity
  • SYC recognises good quality durable external wooden furniture minimizes maintenance upkeep.
  • The memorial seat is looked upon as a gift to SYC who will take on ownership and maintenance responsibility and associated costs.
  • At the end of the memorial seat’s life SYC will organise disposal and carefully remove any remaining brass plaque/s and will arrange their fitting on the clubhouse overlooking the estuary as a final fitting tribute to the former member.
  • It is intended a club memorial bench will be provided at a future date. Friends and relatives of departed members will be welcomed to contribute to its cost in the form of a fixed brass memorial plaque, (100mm x 35mm) up to 100 characters (subject to agreement by the General Committee) for the sum of £100.


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