As you have probably seen, there has been a request from Jane Hill, the Junior Chairperson, for help in preparing the site and erecting the flat-pack containers. The work will be carried out mainly on Saturday mornings from 10 am till 2 pm if the weather is reasonable. We will not expect anyone to work in wet or freezing conditions. There will be refreshments in the galley provided by our Secretary, Kathy Jones.

Part 1 of the work plan looks like this:

  • Saturday January 25th. Clear any remaining or newly deposited gravel from the foreshore to the storage pile. Clear the immediate area around the existing plastic sided tent into piles of similar materials. Remove and dismantle the steel frame which originally stored the stolen inflatables. Done!
  • Saturday February 1st Prepare site for storing the containers which will arrive the following week. Done!
  • Saturday February 8th Transport flat-pack container modules from the external car park to the storage site. Anyone who can help with this work will be very welcome. We need lots of pairs of hands. We would be grateful for even an hour or two of your time. If possible bring work gloves to protect your hands. We can provide some for those that have none. Site preparation completed, thanks to many helpers. Flat packs to be delivered early next week.

As with all plans, there may be changes especially if bad weather is forecast. Watch the Forum for updates. With your help we can get these storage units in place and ready for use before the Juniors' sessions start in March/April.