The SYC web cam web site page has had a bit of a make over to make it a little more mobile / tablet friendly. Along the way, a few changes have been made

  • There are now three views available
    • The "small flash video" view is the same view as usual - this is the view available for the last few years
    • The "large flash video" view is the larger size video display that has been trialled over that last few months. Improvements in the club's broadband speed over the last few years has allowed the quality of the video to be improved a little meaning this large view isn't unbearably grainy
    • The "Mobile / tablet / behind firewall" view is new for 2015. It is intended for those with devices that can't play Flash videos (e.g. Apple iOS devices, recent Android devices etc). Also, if your company's firewall administrator is a bit mean and won't allow you to watch streaming videos all day, this option may help.
      This "view" isn't a full video stream - instead it is a simple image updated every second. I think it works quite well but you do miss the finer details of those spectacular capsizes!
  • The web page will try to work out what "view" is best for you based on your device screen size and whether it supports Flash. There are buttons at the bottom of the page where you can override this choice and have your device remember your preferred view
  • Given the increasing usage of the webcam it seemed like a good time to introduce a basic queuing system. So if someone is controlling movement / zoom of the webcam when you want to, you'll have to click on a button to go into a queue to get control of the webcam. Each "slot" in the queue is 60 seconds long. When you request control of the queue, the web page gives you an estimate of how long you will have to wait to get control
  • This updated web page is built a bit differently to the rest of the SYC website so please do let the SYC web site admin know if it doesn't work for you. Please let me know which browser and browser version you are using and where you are using it from (e.g. home, company office, mobile phone over 3G etc)
  • With the introduction of the queueing system, adding a "Chat" system was an easy extra. I'm not sure it will get much use but if you do use it, please remember that
    • Your Chat messages will go to all SYC web site users currently on the SYC web cam page. The current users of the page (give or take a few seconds) are shown on the web cam page
    • While there is no logging of messages sent, there is nothing to stop anyone taking a screen grab of any message you send (think SnapChat!!!) so please keep it polite
    • The intended use is messages like "Move left! Move left! There is a spectacular capsize about to happen... but maybe you'll find a better use for it
  • All this extra functionality doesn't come cheap in terms in terms of the web page size that you'll need to download to start using the application or the data flying backwards and forwards to the server. But if you were excessively worried about your data streaming costs you wouldn't be using a video streaming application in the first place would you...
  • Nothing's changed regarding access to the web cam page. Anyone on the internet can see the page. Anyone who has signed up for the SYC web site (which isn't currently limited to SYC members) can use the webcam controls and the new functionality
  • It is recent browsers only I'm afraid. Some effort has gone into making it work on Internet Explorer 8 but anything before that isn't going to work too well I'm afraid. Sorry.
  • Constructive comments very welcome here