Have you ever wondered what happens at an SYC working party, and do you see the entry on the SYC calendar and think "How can I get involved?".

Aidan and I attended the working party held at SYC on 22 July. When we arrived about twelve people were already hard at work. Bill had written down all the chores that needed to be done: clearing the foreshore, grass-cutting, litter-picking… and the promise of doughnuts and bacon butties. The foreshore was being cleared by a team shovelling mud, seaweed and the odd unsuspecting crustacean. Wheelbarrows then re-distributed the aforementioned shovelled debris to the north shore of the club.

First off from the cleared slipway: an SYC kayaking course

As I was shovelling mud, I thought of Springwatch, and Chris Packham saying that one cubic metre of estuary mud contains enough worms and shellfish to equal the number of calories in sixteen Mars bars… I was hoping that all my efforts were going to burn off the calories of the custard doughnut I was planning to eat at the coffee break!

We were an affable bunch - there was lots of chatting whilst we worked, discussing our boats and planning our next voyages. We only did two hours' work but the effect was brilliant - foreshore cleared of debris and hopefully safer than when we arrived. Andy and Karen took on the role of SYC Wombles and litter-pickers. We retired to the clubhouse for lunch beverages, bacon butties and more doughnuts. We had a very sociable time and it was great to meet up with everyone. SYC is a lovely club run by volunteers and hopefully our efforts on that day will help to keep it the magical place that we all love. So, next time you see "Working Party" on the calendar, put it in your diary and spend a couple of hours burning off some calories doing some hard work, and then re-charge eating some doughnuts!

Hope to see you there!

  • SYC is a club run by its members. Working parties are entirely voluntary (unlike the bar, galley, safety-boat or OOD duties which are a condition of membership), but make no mistake, working parties contribute greatly to the pleasant surroundings we love at SYC. All working parties are open to any member wishing to take part, but in order to increase the chances of your meeting up with other like-minded volunteers, the four annual working parties are nominally aimed at day sailors, racers, cruiser sailors and Junior parents respectively. The next scheduled working party is on Saturday 16 September, with Cruiser members especially in mind. Interlopers from the other areas of Club membership will nevertheless be most warmly welcomed!

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